Friday, March 4, 2011

ChCh Earthquake Day 11

Back to work I went on Wednesday for half a day. I have to say that normality really worked a treat. I had been battling some guilt and sleepless nights and then for those 8 hours at work Thurs & Fri, I managed to give my brain a break from all the thinking it had been doing.

Seeing all my colleagues rally around and offer help was really humbling. My cousin, a police officer from the North Island came to visit, he's here helping out along with police and soldiers from all over the world. He said he's working 14-15 hour shifts. What a hero.

I don't want to post any more depressing posts, because the news is depressing enough as it is, I guess it just feels better to write it down it helps me get it off my shoulders for a little bit.

I just wish I knew when the aftershocks will stop and we can start to rebuild our city that is mostly non existant. If anyone overseas is reading this, just try and imagine if your city centre didn't exist and it was cordoned off by army tanks and about 4 soldiers on each street entrance into the city. Most suburbs didn't exist because all the homes have crumbled, other streets are deserted and no body is living there. The suburbs that were blessed enough not to be destroyed have 3 families plus living in them.

I said I wasn't going to be sad !! sorry...

Today is a sunny saturday and the ground and air is still. What to do with my day.... limited options so I think I will stay at home, and try and read some trash mags and have a cold beer in the backyard.

Yeah... that sounds nice.

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