Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cher Lloyd, Xfactor QUEEN

I am honestly in love with this girl. She is so gangsta and rockin and just epic. She rides the fine line between trashy and pulling it off. I call her gank. Don't even ask why. She's 16 and I highly recommend youtubing this chick. She is the future of rap mixed with pop music. She has found individuality in a world filled with stereotypes and chlones. It's so rare. And I rep her for doin her own thing and pulling it off to a high frikkin standard. Considering we don't have Xfactor here I doubt many people know about her right now, I don't doubt for a second she will make it big. You heard it here first. Go Cher!

Monday, October 25, 2010

New Age Promos. Go Advertising

I'm a big fan of cool advertising campaigns.
Check out this awesome wrinkle cream poster for Deracine. They used aluminium foil to give the wrinkle impression and you can actually walk up to the poster and rub out the wrinkles by hand. Cool huh. Im all about the interactive advertising too!

This is an anvert for bulletproof windows in India.

And... the new ad campaigne for Man vs. Wild. You know... the tv show with the babe guy becoming not so babe-like when he starts peeing on his clothes to keep them cold and eating scorpian tales... this pizza is very appropriate.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

We become what we experience.

The end of an era... *sniff*

I will never forget the Christmas I wanted a walkman. I hinted and left 'Dear Santa' notes for my parents... let's just say I made it very clear what I wanted under that tree, come Christmas morning. When that fateful morning did arrive, what did I get.. some beach towels and a sticker making kit. Lucky, lucky me. What did my big brother get? A walkman. This was common in my family, I don't blame my brother, he can't help if he was born gifted at everything. A little piece of me died inside. I. Was. Gutted.

Later on my parents told me that my Aunt and Uncle had told Mum that they were going to buy me a walkman. I got a stuffed Anne Geddes toy. It was a baby disguised as a ladybird. Man.. ripped off.

So this story is obviously sparked from somewhere.

Sony has announced that the batch of walkmans they made in April will be there last.
Walkmans will be no more. They have been making them for 30 years. Since 1979, 200 million walkmans have been sold. Surprisingly I thought there could have been more.
The legend will live on. In 20 years they'll be antiques and I'll be dying to get my hands on one.. I'm still in search of a working polaroid camera! Help!

Corsair Bay

Today is my official one year anniversary with my cuteness of a boyfriend. Since it's labour day.. which means a day off work for the ol' common folk such as myself, we went on a picnic. We went off track and found a hidden spot on a cliff side surrounded by bush. It was barely big enough for us to sit down but it was so tranquil I didn't want to leave. And with it being the hottest day of the year the sky and harbour were so blue!!

Hope you enjoyed my pickytures!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Innovative Wedding Ideas

I have found the coolest wedding ever. It has blown my traditional ideas out the window and made me fall in love with the country fair idea. I love how it seems to just suit them so much. The bright colours and gorgeous detail just blew me away.
Check it out in the link below.

Road Rage Apologies

Have you ever felt really bad when you've cut someone off and you cringe and say "sorry!" outloud, when you know there is no way they can hear your heartfelt apology.
Well bloggifers, look what this little genious came up with...

I want one!

Taylors Mistake

Today is Saturday and we got off to a bad start. My lazyness has had a bad effect on my lovely caring and adorable boyfriend. So I've sucked it up and have made a vow to myself to get fit. So off we went to Taylors Mistake. A beautiful beach hidden behind a hill past the city. We went upto the Godley Peak lookout track. A young mum who my boyfriend knew through friends met a bad end there so it was quite a moment mixed with some sadness and some awe of the amazing beauty of the cove. I somehow forgot about the burning sensation in my thighs at that stage and just took in everything around me. We're off to the Band Together concert in Hagley Park soon to check out some bands. It's a free concert of all NZ's top music acts to cheer up our quake shakin town! (still rockin day and night here!) Here are some photos from today...

I want to buy one of those cute kiwi bachs!!!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


FIERCE! Gwen can do nothing wrong to me, I think she is amazing. Her wax figure takes me back to being 14 and in love with No Doubt, once again!
Kim looks flawless at the opening of High Rollers Luxury Lanes and Lounge at Foxwoods Casino
(I would kill a man for skin that perfect!)

I feel almost judged saying this, and I know her hair looks terrible,
but I still wish my mop of hair could look like that.....


3D movies are the frickin best! I love them so much. Considering that I'm not a fan of cartoons in 2D, they just irritate me, 3D cartoons are mind blowing.

I can't believe most people I know haven't experienced it yet. It will literally just blow your mind.

Ice Age 3 was my fav so far, but I went to see Despicable Me the other day and it was hilarious. Loved it.