Saturday, November 27, 2010

Star Spotting

Ben Harper performs with Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam at the Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park in London.


Jay-Z performs at the Barclaycard Wireless Festival at Hyde Park in London.


Lady Gaga crowd surfs during the Semi Precious Weapons performance at Lollapalooza


Eminem and Jay-Z perform at Comerica Park in Detroit.


Yoko Ono and Lady Gaga perform together during the We Are Plastic Ono Band event in Los Angeles. What a crazy kooky cool collaboration!!

Jordi Vidal/Getty



Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

Katy Perry performing at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show in NYC.
What I would give to go to something as epic as that.
She's like a cutesy Lady GaGa. She's grown on me.
Team Katy!

Pike River

Just want to say, my heart goes out to all those affected by the Pike River Mine tragedy. So close to home it really puts things in perspective. Such an utter tragedy.
Lost but not forgotten.

My new baby

The new addition to our family.
A little kitty for the big kitty to play with,
We figure we can just tell people we have one kitty since they look identical.
No more 'cat lady' whispers for me!

My favourite day of the year

Guy Fawkes - my backyard.

Friday, November 5, 2010


I really wish this whole 'got milk?' campaigne was in NZ, i love seeing the stars like we haven't before. Have I mentioned the media train that is my guilty pleasure!

Disney sweethead Demi Lovato is in a rehabilitation facility being treated for physical and psychological discomfort.
One can only imagine how much stress she's under. I hope she makes a full recovery...

Hello Kitty

I have become a little secretly obsessed with Hello Kitty lately. I can't help it. I'm not really about the pink girly stuff, but it's all just so cute! I found these adorable wallpapers for my computer just to gay it up a bit.
What you think? Cuuuuute yes.

Ever wondered why New Zealand is so good at rugby?
Well try running with fish n chips in the rain.
- My boyfriend