Sunday, October 24, 2010

The end of an era... *sniff*

I will never forget the Christmas I wanted a walkman. I hinted and left 'Dear Santa' notes for my parents... let's just say I made it very clear what I wanted under that tree, come Christmas morning. When that fateful morning did arrive, what did I get.. some beach towels and a sticker making kit. Lucky, lucky me. What did my big brother get? A walkman. This was common in my family, I don't blame my brother, he can't help if he was born gifted at everything. A little piece of me died inside. I. Was. Gutted.

Later on my parents told me that my Aunt and Uncle had told Mum that they were going to buy me a walkman. I got a stuffed Anne Geddes toy. It was a baby disguised as a ladybird. Man.. ripped off.

So this story is obviously sparked from somewhere.

Sony has announced that the batch of walkmans they made in April will be there last.
Walkmans will be no more. They have been making them for 30 years. Since 1979, 200 million walkmans have been sold. Surprisingly I thought there could have been more.
The legend will live on. In 20 years they'll be antiques and I'll be dying to get my hands on one.. I'm still in search of a working polaroid camera! Help!

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